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Tim Brown

Nude Photos

The nude holds a special place in photography. Photographing the nude figure has been something that ranged from the scandalous semi erotic French postcards of history to the tasteful fine art nude of today.

Most of this work is delivered to the client as black and white nude photos.

I typically shoot nudes in one of three ways.

Side Lighting

I either use side lighting to create a nude figure where the outlines of the nude are emphasized. By lighting from the sides even with a frontal shot we can ensure than no light reaches the areas we don’t want to be seen.

Head Lighting

Another way of lighting a nude figure photo is to have the model lying down with their head close to the camera and the nude body running away from the camera. This way we can have the model actually nude in the studio but nothing showing in the photo.

Wet Look

Most clients want a "wet look" nude photo as part of their shoots. This can be either a back shot or a front shot. There are two important things about these nude photos. The first is that the wet look hides lots of minor imperfections and you can pose the body in lots of different ways to ensure you get a good shape. The second is that these nudes are "plausibly deniable". Since your face is not shown in the photo, you can put on the wall and tell people you got it on Trade Me.